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The Gottman Couples Relationship Checkup and the new Relationship Builder.

All couples who come in are given the Relationship Checkup assessment, a powerful, research-backed, evidence-based tool that measures all areas of a couple’s life for strengths and weaknesses.  Now, there is the Relationship Builder, a wonderful series of assignments to help your relationship and solidify skills in between appointments, and to help you heal faster.


Now offering the Noble Health App!  This app provides some wonderful programs to help people on their journey of recovery.


These are different sites that have good information, and have been recommended by others. Check back often as I will be adding them as I go along.

  • http://www.bonusfamilies.com/ This is a great site to help divorced, separated, and step-families to learn how to handle situations concerning the children and give them a healthy childhood.
  • http://www.juliemorgenstern.com This is a great site for organizing your life.
  • www.amenclinic.com This is a super site for looking at actual brain scans of healthy and unhealthy brains.
  • http://challenging-our-minds.com/ – Challenging Our Minds runs over the internet in your web browser. It is designed as a thinking skills enhancement program for all children (our research included impaired, average and gifted children) from third grade on up but it could be used for adults with cognitive impairment or even those adult individuals who just want to enhance their cognitive skills. The Albert Einstein speaker is a bit dated, but do not let that keep you away. These are fun and evidenced-based.
  • http://www.twisted-mindgames.com/ – A great site where you can get apps for cognitive skill enhancement.
  • My Brain Solutions – A good site for apps that help build facial recognition and social skills. This could be very helpful for the Asperger’s child or teen. Adults can benefit as well.
  • SMART Recovery – A great sight for those wishing to overcome addictions. It is a cognitive-behavioral/ Rational-Emotive Alternative to AA/NA. This is NOT moderate drinking. Like AA, abstinence is the goal. This approach works well with any addictive type behavior including gambling, shopping, and eating addictions.
  • Smoking Cessation App – great app for quitting and staying quit.
  • SAST – The is a screen for sexual addiction authored by Patrick Carnes, PhD. While the internet has been a blessing, it has become a curse for some. It has allowed too easy access to pornography and sex chat rooms, fueling sexual addictions
  • SAA – If you think you have sex or porn addiction, or need to find a meeting, want to find literature, this is the place for you! They are wonderfully supportive. There are meetings all over the world at all hours of the day and night, telephonic and Zoom, as well as in-person.  Don’t know if you qualify?  Take the Am I A Sex Addict quiz!
  • S-Anon – This is a wonderful resource for partners of people with Sex Addiction. There are meetings, literature, and even Newcomer’s information.  If you are a partner, do not suffer in isolation. You need the support.  Reach out today.
  • COSA – Another great support group for partners of people with Sex Addiction.  They have wonderful resources, and meetings listed.
  • Bloom For Women – A wonderful resource for women recovering from partner betrayal.  There are free and paid for resources on this site.
  • Gottman.com – The go-to site for all of the Gottman card decks, books, and training programs. Sign up for the blog, as well!
  • Gottsex.com – Most couples never talk about sex, passion, and intimacy, yet they are unhappy with their connection. Here is a great video program to strengthen the sex, love and passion in your relationship, from my favorite researchers, the Gottmans. You have 40 years of research into what does work presented to you in a fun and loving way.


I love reading and I have stumbled over some great blogs on numerous subjects. One of my favorite sites is Medium.com.  There are many great topics and essays. Instead of waiting around bored, read an article of interest to you!

Exploring Sobriety by Benya Clark. He is one of my favorite bloggers on Medium. He is a lawyer and teacher from North Carolina who writes about becoming sober and remaining sober, about running, giving up smoking, caffeine, and meat.  He is a prolific writer and fun to read. May I one day be as well-written and prolific as he is.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life - This is another great blog from Medium that has all sorts of writings on mindset, happiness, spirituality, health and healing.


Here is a list of podcasts you may find helpful.  Keep checking back as I keep adding them!  If you have found a helpful podcast, contact me and let me know!

Podcasts Archives – Sex and Relationship Healing – This is a collection of podcasts for a person struggling with sex addiction, betrayed partners, and couples.

Conversations on Sex, Addiction, and Relationships – Wendy Conquest, Dan Drake, Jeanne Vattuone, and Tim Stein invite guests to join them in an ongoing conversation about sex, addiction, and relationships. This is a good podcast for those with addiction and partners.

Sex, Love, and Addiction with Dr. Rob – One of my favorite writers on sex addiction, Dr. Rob Weiss also has great guests. This podcast is good for the person with addiction and their partner.

Sex, Love, and Addiction: Healing Conversations for Men Who Have Sex With Men, Dr. David Fawcett. PhD  – I had the pleasure of training under Dr. Fawcett to become a Rainbow Advocate and Educator. Dr. Fawcett presents ongoing expert discussions highlighting the life concerns of gay, bisexual, and transgendered men.