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  • 4 Secrets to Living a Bold, Creative Life – Artsy

    This is such a great quotation from the article: “Being weird or different—even creative—should be not a source of shame or embarrassment but a torch to be held high. Weird is about the courage to be who you were born to be. Nerdy, goofy, fidgety; these are strengths. These are gifts! The things that made you weird as a kid are the source of your character and creative powers. These are the base elements of who you are. Not perfect. Not trying. Just yourself. If you hide them, you risk never knowing what you’re capable of.” Who gets to define the nebulous word, “normal,” anyway? Normal is a relative term – normal, compared to what? Exactly. So be creative, be weird, be you.

    Source: 4 Secrets to Living a Bold, Creative Life – Artsy